4 Mistakes Used Mobile Homeowners Make When Selling Their Home in Lafayette

Putting your used mobile for sale by owner may seem like an easy task to accomplish right? Wrong. There are many challenges and hassles that come with selling a used mobile home in Lafayette or anywhere in Acadiana. These are the common mistakes used mobile homeowners make when selling their used manufactured homes in Lafayette.

Bad Marketing

Many homeowners think that placing a FOR SALE sign in the window of their mobile home will bring cash buyers to their property. Sadly, this is not the case. One of the major mistakes used mobile homeowners make when selling their mobile homes is just poor advertising and marketing. You can’t sell your manufactured home if people in the right target market don’t know it’s for sale.

Effective marketing consists chiefly of casting a broad net while also being highly targeted. Typically, this means listing your mobile home on all the top listing sites and advertising on all the local venues such as newspaper classifieds and local bulletin boards. And don’t forget the effective old-school strategies like flyers and a for-sale sign strategically placed in the area.

An effective marketing campaign also demands compelling listings, and these involve (at a minimum):

  • A description of the home’s strengths and features
  • Detailing the year, size, and number of bedrooms and baths
  • Showcasing of these features
  • Careful crafting to appeal to the right target buyers
  • Top-notch, professional-quality photos
  • Compelling and irresistible listing descriptions

But, again, if you don’t want to hire a professional photographer and a copywriter, consider a Lafayette mobile home buyer.

Not Knowing the Used Mobile Home Market and Poor Negotiating

Pricing your mobile home for sale is usually pretty straightforward. Typically, most sellers take into consideration what they paid for the home; if any repairs were made; and then guesstimate the value of their used mobile home. That is not an efficient and effective way to sell your mobile home fast. How to sell your mobile home for cash quickly is not as easy as it sounds.

But with mobile homes/manufactured homes (especially Lafayette, LA mobile homes) it’s not quite that simple. For there are special circumstances to take into account.

The first of these is whether you own the land your mobile home sits on. And the second is the fact that typically land appreciates while manufactured homes depreciate. This means, then, that you simply must find out what’s going on with the local market.

The difficulty here lies in the fact that in most areas there are few mobile home authorities who can help sellers with pricing. In most cases, sellers are limited to a handful of agents or mobile home park managers/owners. Worst case scenario, they rely on good ‘ole Uncle Joe for the advice! The typical result is that sellers wind up overpricing and then ruining their chances of a quick sale.

One of the related mistakes used mobile homeowners make when selling is often, after receiving an offer, either failing to negotiate at all or negotiating too rigorously. And either of these extremes can cost sellers a lot of money. Of course, if you need to sell your Lafayette mobile home fast, that plays a huge role in how much and how hard you should negotiate.

A great option for many mobile home sellers is to go through a reputable Lafayette mobile home buyer. This can eliminate much of the guesswork and potential error, as well as ensure that you get a fair cash offer.

Buyer Finances and Resources

Before covid-19 took its toll on everyone’s finances; acquiring financing for used mobile homes in Lafayette was difficult. Now, with our national, state, and local economies reeling and recovering from the pandemic; buyers are strapped for cash and resources.

In other words, buyers will either need to acquire bank financing(which very few banks lend money to purchase a used mobile home), or you as the seller will have to provide owner-financing or rent to own. Most sellers would never consider becoming a landlord or dealing with the hassle and headache of owning rental properties. Replacing carpets, keeping the lawn, fixing toilets, and repairing holes in walls is not my definition of fun!!

Even a buyer can acquire the funding to purchase your home, it doesn’t mean that they will follow through and close on your home. I’ve heard and personally witnessed so many deals fall through because the buyer did not keep their word and backed out of the purchase. Buyers weasel out of the deal for numerous reasons!

You can eliminate that hassle by partnering with us. We pride ourselves on not wasting anyone’s time and giving you peace of mind.

We treat every seller we encounter with honesty and respect. We will always…

  • Be 100% transparent about how we determine our offers.
  • Present you with all of your options so you can sell your mobile home in the best way possible.
  • Work on your timeframe, closing when it is convenient for you.
  • Buy your manufactured home without charging a dime in commissions or fees

Find out how our process works here.

Remodeling and Upgrading the Mobile Home

New paint, vinyl floors, new kitchen, upgraded bathroom, roof replacement. If you were to do these things, the value of your used mobile home should increase, right? This may be true for a traditional stick-built home. Rarely is this true for a mobile home that is considered a depreciating asset(just like a car). There is nothing wrong with remodeling or upgrading the appliances in your mobile if you plan to live in it for a long time. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone considering selling their mobile home. Why? Because buyers rarely appreciate the work that was done and is only looking for the cheapest price! Remember, most buyers will have the difficult if not impossible task of acquiring financing.

So, if you are a seller considering making needed upgrades and repairs to your mobile home. Remember that I warned you before you put your Lafayette, LA mobile home for sale by owner on the market, you will have to invest time and money in making it appealing to buyers, ensuring that it looks its absolute best and that everything is in top-notch working order. And very often, this prep work can run into several thousand dollars. Then, even if your mobile homes appraise for more, the expense can cancel out the higher sale price and even ultimately put less money in your pocket.

But when you sell your Lafayette mobile home to us, you typically don’t have that expense. Lafayette’s trusted mobile home buyer purchases manufactured homes as-is. The reason for this is that we aren’t really interested in the appearance, but rather in the financials. That is, our primary concern is whether a mobile home will make money when we rent it. In selling to Lafayette mobile home buyers, the sale price may be a little lower, but your profit will likely be higher because you don’t have to dump a bunch of money into making repairs.

Wrapping Things Up

Maybe one of the biggest mistakes used mobile homeowners make when selling their Lafayette mobile homes is trying to tackle everything and doing it all themselves. Actually, most people are better off hiring professionals to help: painters, contractors, agents, photographers, and so on. The drawback, though, is that this can get pretty time-consuming and expensive – especially if you need to sell your Lafayette mobile home fast.

But there is an alternative – one that allows you to sell fast, easily, and at a fair price without all the hassle and inconvenience. Just set back and collect your cash offer for your Lafayette manufactured home. Check out the premier mobile home buyer in Lafayette that guarantees a fair offer, allows you to choose the closing date, and pays the costs involved in selling. To discover more about how to easily sell your manufactured home – and for cash – just call 337-508-0795 or fill out the easy online form.

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